Early Morning Poetry

Rising uncharacteristically early this morning, I turned on the radio and tuned to Radio 4. By chance I caught the tail end of an Avant Garde poetry program, and although I’m not normally impressed with such things, preferring more traditional forms of poetry, I was blown away by the simplicity of structure, the tempo, and the apparent lack of respect for any established poetical conventions. Even though the words have no apparent meaning in themselves, they speak directly to the subconscious in a way I’ve not encountered before. Wonderful stuff!

I Googled the piece but have been unable to find any references to the poet or his/her work online, so I wonder if anyone can help? Here’s a fragment; if anyone recognises it I’d be grateful for a pointer to the poet’s other work.

North Utsire,
South Utsire,
Southwest veering
Northwest 3 or 4,
Occasionally 5.
Showers then.
Fair, mainly, good.

Malin, west.
3 or 4, occasionally 5.
In Rockall, backing,
South or southwest,
And increasing.
5, occasionally 6.
Later slight.
To moderate, occasionally.
Later showers,
Then rain.
Or good, occasionally.



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